At the beginning of our century, in the heart of Extremadura –the land of the stork– at the top of a bell tower, a mother stork was greeting her nestlings. Three tiny babies were poking their little heads out of their shell.


The smallest one, who they called Picu, was born with a special color.  She was white and blue, while all the other storks were white and black. Soon, the baby stork began to grow amongst her siblings – playing and frolicking in the fields and marshes.
























When the three little storks grew up, they had to fly to the Baby Post Institute, which is where all young storks learn the trade of delivering babies to new, human mothers.


Picu had grown up without any type of problem amongst her sisters and she had never worried about the blue color of her feathers; but, when she went to the Carrier School for Storks, as she was waiting in line to get in, the director of the school –a fat, grumpy vulture–  had a qualm about the bluish tint to her wings.



































"Hey... hey!" he shouted. "What's your name?"


The little stork answered, "I'm Picu, the blue stork."


"Yeah, I've already seen that you're blue... and you can't possibly think that you're going to be able to take babies looking like that!" the vulture replied.  "Mothers could have a fright if they see such a strange stork."


"But... but, I want to take babies to mothers... that's why us storks are around; it doesn't matter what color we are." said Picu.


"No way," replied the vulture. "Now, go home.  Here you're just going to be wasting your time."


Picu, the little stork, even after hearing that, decided to stay with her two sisters and learn the baby delivery trade. When they finished their training, her two sisters were assigned to a baby delivery post; however, Picu wasn't allowed to be a baby deliverer.  


So, once all her friends had gone, our little stork Picu flew to a nearby town on her way home and, once there, she stopped to rest in a tree. As she sat in the tree, feeling sorry for her bad luck, Picu heard a voice talking to her from the path below.


"What's wrong, blue stork?  Why are you so sad?  You have beautiful feathers."


"Oh, I wish I were white and black like all the other storks.  If I were, I'd be able to take babies to mothers and that's the best job in the world because there is nothing that makes a mother happier than getting her baby… and I'll never be able to deliver babies to mothers."


































The man, who was riding in a great, wooden, horse-drawn wagon whose side bore the inscription “GALIO REMEDIES AND POTIONS FOR ALL,” invited little Picu to come down.


"Come down here, maybe we can think of something.... come, come on."


Picu flew towards the kind man and said, "But what could we possibly think of?  With this color, I'll never be able to deliver babies…. Ahaaa, I get it.  With your remedies and potions, you can make my feathers black and I'll be able to become a baby deliverer."


"My little stork," replied the good man, "that could work until one day when it rains and the color comes off... and then your trick would be discovered and you'd have this same problem once again.  Little Picu, little blue stork, you're different from the rest and that's why you'll take something unique to mothers – something that only you'll be able to give them. Something that you'll be able to take to all… all the mothers of the world."


"Really?"   Asked the stork, surprised.


"And when mothers get their babies, what more are they going to want?" Picu said.


The man laughed kindly and said, "My little stork friend, mothers are going to be waiting just for you to come. I'm going to prepare a very special formula for you –a fresh cologne for babies– that has a secret ingredient which will make babies' mothers, fathers, and siblings adore its scent and... well, my friend, they'll never forget the little blue stork that brought them that nice, fresh scent."  


Little Picu's face lit up and the man went into his wagon and started preparing the cologne formula for the stork. A little while later, he came out with a small, white bottle that had a blue lid on it.   

































"Oh, it's blue and white like me!" Picu exclaimed.  


Galio opened the bottle and let the stork draw nearer with her long beak.


"Mmmm, oh, wow!!!" She again exclaimed. "It smells really, really good.  It smells... it smells like clean.  I like it... I like it a lot!"  


Galio said to her, "Well, all the lucky babies that you take this cologne to will smell of this fragrance."  


And that's how, from that day on, Picu the stork began to deliver cologne for all the babies of the world.  If one of her mates delivered a new baby, she didn't delay in passing by with her load of colognes to delight the mothers... and no matter where a new baby was born, all the family started to use the colognes that Picu delivered.  
























So, my dear friends, don't be surprised if –one day when you have a baby– you see a blue stork stop by your house with the fresh baby smell that the whole family adores.  



Picu the Stork