Picu Baby Line...

- Ideal to be used after bathing or at any time of the day.

- A fresh smell for all the family. 

- Sold in a spray for easier application. Because of its size, it can be taken with you anywhere you go.

- It does not leave a mark – it can be applied directly on top of clothing.

- Low alcohol content. 

- Contains glycerin, which is ideal for sensitive, delicate skin (atopic skin).

- Helps to soften skin. 

- Available in two sizes: 500 ml and 100 ml.



- Gently cleans body and hair.

- Does not irritate eyes – not even those of the little ones. 

- Its new formula moistens your baby's skin in a gentler way. 

- Apply on your hand or on a sponge and gently massage into the skin until a foam is formed. Rinse.

- Body oil and body milk are recommended to be used after application. 

- Contains 500 ml.


- Perfect for taking care of delicate skin. 

- Contains almond oil, chamomile, Vitamin E, and marigold.

- Semi-dry to the touch for fast absorption.

- Prevents dry skin (calms and protects).

- We recommend this product be used after applying Picu Baby Gel/Shampoo.

- Ideal for body massages.






- Contains bisabolol, allantoin, aloe vera, and marigold oil. 

- Body milk for daily moisturization of delicate skin.

- Its new formula hydrates your baby's skin in a gentler way.

- After bathing, skin needs to be moisturized. 

- Forms a protective film that moisturizes your baby's skin while regenerating the acid mantle, which protects the skin.  

- Does not contain parabens; prevents dryness. 

- Quick-absorption formula. 


- Very high, SPF-50 protection.

- Fluid texture. 

- Water resistant. 

- Protects against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. 

- Ideal for babies and those with sensitive faces and bodies. 

- Has a physical barrier. 

- Apply generously onto your face and body before exposure to the sun and whenever necessary. Reapply after being in contact with water for 40 minutes, after drying off with a towel, after intense sweating, or after prolonged exposure to the sun.





- Soft, moisturized wipes. 

- Our wipes do not contain alcohol. 

- They have chamomile extract. 

- They have aloe vera to ease irritation in the most sensitive areas. 

- Contain Vitamin E.

- Ideal for babies with sensitive skin. 

- The package has 80 wipes.