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Picu the Blue Stork

The story of Picu, the Little Blue Stork.  


At the beginning of our century, in the heart of Extremadura, the land of storks, on top of a bell tower, a mother stork received her chicks. Three little babies hatched out of their shell.


The smallest that they named Picu, was born with a special color, she was blue and white, when all the other storks were black and white. Thus the baby stork grew up among his siblings playing and flying among fields and swamps.





























When the three little storks got older, they had to fly to the Postal Institute for Babies which is where all the young storks learn the trade of delivering babies to new human mothers.


Picu had grown up without problems among his sisters and had never given importance to the blue color of his feathers, but once at the School of Carrier Storks, when he was in the entrance line, the person in charge, who was a fat and grumpy vulture, noticed that the bluish color of its wings.


  • Hey hey he screamed

  • What's your name?


The little stork replied:


  • I am Picu, the blue stork.


  • Yes, yes, I have already seen that you areblue

   and not even think that with that color you go

   to carry babies .. - Said the vulture.

  • Moms can freak out to the

    see such a rare stork ...


  • B ... b ... but I want to bring babies to

    moms, storks born to

   that, whatever colorwe are ...

   - Picu said.


  • Not even thinking. The manager answered. A) Yes

   that you returnto your house that hereyou are only going to waste your time ...


The little stork Picu, even after hearing that, decided to stay with her two sisters and learn the trade of baby postman. When they finished their training, her two sisters were given a destination to carry babies, but she was not allowed to be a baby postman.


So once all her companions had left, our stork Picu, on her way home,  He flew to the nearby town where he stopped in a tree to rest. There in that tree Picu was lamenting his bad luck, when he heard a voice that spoke to him from the road.

  • What's wrong, blue stork?


  • Why are you sorry? If you have beautiful feathers,


  • Oh I wish I was black and white like all the others, if that was the case, I would now be bringing babies to mothers and that is the best job in the world, because there is nothing that makes a mother happier than receiving her baby. And I can never deliver babies to moms.


The man who was riding in a large wooden caravan drawn by horses, which read " GALIO REMEDIOS AND PÓCIMAS PARA TODOS" invited little Picu down.


  • Come down, come down, from there we may come up with something, come on.


Picu flew up to that nice man and said:


  • But what are we going to think of, if with my color I will never be able to carry babies.


  • Oh I know, with your remedies you can paint my feathers black and I can already be a baby mailman.


  • Stork friend, said the good man, that could be useful until one day it rains and the color goes away, and then the deception will be discovered and you will be again with the same problem….


  • Little Picu, blue stork, you are different from all of them, and that is why you will wear something unique that only you will be able to give to mothers. But you can take that to all the moms in the world. Said the good man


  • Yes? The stork responded very surprised.


  • And when moms welcome their babies, what are they going to love the most? Picu said.


The man laughed kindly and said, "Little stork friend, the moms are going to be looking forward to welcoming you." I am going to prepare a very special formula for you, a fresh eau de toilette for babies, that has a secret component that will make moms, dads and little brothers adore the smell of the cologne and ... Oh my friend, they will never forget the little girl. blue stork that gave them that fresh colony.


Little Picu's face lit up and that man entered his caravan and began to prepare the cologne formula for the stork. In no time he came out with a small white bottle with a blue cap.​​​

  • Oh it's blue and white like me! Picu exclaimed.


Galio, opened that small bottle and let the stork approach its long beak.


  • Um, Uhmm Oh !! He exclaimed again. If it smells very very good !, it smells ... it smells ... it smells clean, it smells fresh ...

    I like it, i like it so much!


  • Galio told him, well, with that aroma, all the babies that you bring the cologne to will smell.





And that is how from that day the Picu stork began to distribute colony for all the babies in the world and if a companion of hers carried a new baby, she soon passed with her shipment of colonies and the mothers were delighted ... and wherever there was one baby the whole family used the colognes that little Picu distributed.





So dear friends, do not be surprised if one day when you have a baby, you see a blue stork arrive at your homes with the fresh scent of babies that the whole family loves.  

Text: Picubaby

Illustrations Dirceu Veiga

Images and text property of PICUBABY

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