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Picu baby world

Picu Baby is a brand of quality products, which arises in the land of storks as a symbol of our products  dedicated to the protection of the whole family.


A) Yes  From Extremadura, the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, a quality brand is born with products suitable for the whole family. In 2007 the story of the stork begins and today  We find Picu Baby products in many pharmacies both in Spain and Portugal. Our products are made with great care to meet the needs of the whole family.  


Picu baby is a great range of grooming products based on the perfume of our cologne, which has a peculiar aroma that makes all of us who try it have the need to use it after daily grooming.

Picu Baby is in constant development, we continually work on the creation of new products to reach more people every day so that they can perceive the pleasant sensation and fresh baby smell of both the cologne and the rest of the Picu Baby product range.
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